Training and Certification Programs


All training programs can be created and implimented company-wide or for any subset of your employees: your front-line team, your support staff, or your management.

In-Person Training - An expert ProSolutions associate will conduct in-person training with your team.  The number of classes, the length, and the content are all completely customized to your team, your needs, and your customers.  Frequently requested topics are handling upset customers, efficient and effective email usage, and building more loyal customers.  ProSolutions in-person training is done in a positive and enthusiastic manner that allows your team opportunities to ask questions, to learn together, and to build team rapport.   TeleTraining - Conducted over the phone between a ProSolutions associate and one or more members of your team.  TeleTraining can be arranged for new training topics, as additional feedback following quality assurance evaluations, or as corrective training for individuals performing below your benchmarks.  TeleTraining allows your team to ask questions and receive immediate, detailed answers.
Webinars - Conducted online with a web and an audio component, ProSolutions will host a training class for your employees.  A webinar is especially beneficial for teams in multiple locations, as they can participate wherever they have access to a computer with audio and microphone.  As with our other training, webinar topics will be customized to your unique team needs.   Written Training / Certification Modules - ProSolutions will create a fully customized training program for your team to utilize.  Programs can include a variety of materials, including written modules, quizzes/tests, presentations, roundtables, and more.  Your interests, your team needs, and their scheduling flexibility will be used to determine the types of techniques utilized.  For certification programs, metrics such as quizzes or tests, or quality assurance evaluations can be used to determine successful completion of the program.

Best Practice Employee Manuals - ProSolutions will work with your team to learn their needs, then create an efficient employee reference manual that will outline your best practice procedures.  Examples include hotel guest check-in, waitstaff restaurant service flow, standards for conducting employee reviews, and timeshare sales process.


Team Reference Documents and Templates - ProSolutions will gather, condense, clarify, and organize information found in your current training tools or company documents to make it easily accessible to your team.  Standardized templates can also be created to enhance common practices, such as client lead sheets, first-touch email templates, and more.

Tip of the Week Emails - Turn-key training that will arrive in your team's inboxes each week.  Topics can range: customer service philosophies, email tips and etiquette, sales efficiency, refreshing prior training, and many more.  Tip of the Week emails allow you to keep your team up-to-date with only a small investment of time.       


For information on pricing and to see a sample (if applicable), contact us today.