Pricing Analysis

All pricing projects can be conducted for your location vs. others within your own company or your company vs. your competitors.

Hotel Pricing Comparison and Strategy - Through a variety of customized scenarios and targeted objectives, ProSolutions will help you learn if your hotel's prices and offerings are competitive.  We can compare more than 300 of your hotel's revenue-generating prices to help you create strategic pricing, or we can focus on key Sales & Catering event details so you can learn what prices and concessions your competitors are including for certain dates.  

Hotel Negotiated Rate Pricing Comparison - Discover if your negotiated rates are bringing in business travelers or if you are being undercut by your competitors.  You will receive an efficient spreadsheet providing you with the business transient negotiated rates for your competitors, as well as whether those rates include internet and breakfast.

Hotel Vacation Package Pricing Comparison - Discover what types of packages your competitors are offering and the rates that they are available.  We can create this report for any time frame you desire, including special holiday dates and packages.

  Hotel Group Room Rate Comparison - Utilizing the real customer scenarios you are interested in, ProSolutions will learn how you group room rates compare with those of your competitors for different group sizes and events.   
Hotel Room Rate Tracking - With our easy-to-read tracking form, review and evaluate the rates that your hotel or your competitors are offering for upcoming dates.  This project can be completed on an ongoing basis to facilitate tracking of periodic discounts/increases as the dates of stay approach.   Sales Outlet Pricing Comparison - Are your revenue-generating facilities living up to your expectations?  Evaluate your prices against those of your competition to make sure you are priced as competitively as possible.
Restaurant / Bar Menu and Pricing Comparison - Learn what dishes/drinks are being served at your competitors and evaluate your pricing on comperable dishes to help price yourself competitively.   Spa Services and Pricing Comparision - Learn the types and lengths of services being offered by your competitors, as well as their pricing and other specifics of interest, such as special products used during treatment. 
Real Estate / Timeshare Pricing Comparison - Posing as potential buyers, ProSolutions will contact your competitors to determine what pricing options are being offered.  We can also rate the quality of the property/services, and the level of salesmanship and the techniques used to close the sale.    

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