Operator and Customer Service Representative



Customer Service Representative

Operator Service Evaluation - Posing as a customer with a specific service or property-related question, ProSolutions will phone your operators the requested number of times per month and evaluate their customer service.  Your evaluation will include comments that describe the interaction and include suggestions for improvement.


Key Customer Service Representative Evaluation - ProSolutions will either conduct a mystery shop of your team members or utilize recorded audios from actual customer calls.  You will receive an efficient evaluation of the most vital customer service skills, including accuracy, rapport building, and customer satisfaction.  A turn-key list of the top three areas for improvement will be included to allow your team member to take steps for continued growth.

First Impression and Accuracy Audit - Posing as a caller in need of a phone transfer, ProSolutions will call your location a set number of times per month.  You will receive an efficient and easy-to-read spreadsheet that gives an overview of who was spoken with, if the full greeting was given, if positive tone was utilized, how long the caller was on hold before the transfer, and more.

  Total Customer Service Representative Skills Evaluation - Following the same process as the Key Customer Service Representative Skills Evaluation above, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the skills demonstrated by your team member.  The evaluation will include all the areas covered on the Key Skills Evaluation, plus additional criteria for evaluation and enhanced comments.  Notes will be made on areas of success and opportunity, and specific suggestions for improvement will be included to facilitate the ongoing development of your team members.

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