In-Person Audits

In Person Audits

Total Customer Experience - ProSolutions will pose as a potential client using an authentic scenario and will engage in a typical and comprehensive customer experience.  An audit of a hotel, for example, may include a call your location to make a reservation, receipt of any pre-arrival emails, a phone call to the concierge or front desk to inquire about transportation, visitation/use of each of the key amenities/services you desire audited (dining, spa, shopping, and so on).  You will receive a comprehensive report outlining all of our observations, both of the physical details and the service, as well as clear suggestions for improvement.
Sales Experience - The shop process will be very similar to the Total Customer Experience, but with a focus on engaging in a sales experience with one or more of your team.  An audit of a real estate sales gallery, for example, may include a call to engage in the phone sales process, receipt of any sales brochures/marketing materials, the scheduling of a tour, visitation of your sales gallery, meeting and tour with your sales associate, and follow-up communications after the visit.  You will receive a detailed report outlining all stages of the experience, as well as action steps your team can take for enhancing the experience and closing more sales.
Compliance and Accuracy - The shop process will mirror that of the Total Customer Experience.  You will receive a detailed evaluation explaining whether your team was in compliance with any legal or corporate requirements you wish audited.
Team Policies and Procedures - ProSolutions will travel to your location to work side-by-side with your team to learn their policies, observe them in action, and to understand your client base.  You will receive an executive report that highlights areas of success and makes actionable suggestions for making your operations more efficient, cost-effective, and customer-centric.

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