Most Requested Training Programs

  1. Monthly evaluations with feedback
  2. TeleTraining
  3. In-person training classes
  4. Self-paced certification modules
  5. Reoccuring webinars on current topics

ProTrainingProSolutions will work side-by-side with your management to implement a training program for your team that will strategically target your areas for improvement.  We believe the success of such a training program depends on the quality of the initial roll-out, the commitment from management, and the ability of the team to see the value in making improvements.  We will help guide you through this process from beginning to end to ensure success.

Our comprehensive training programs not only ensure performance improvements are made, but they also build team unity, improve management/employee relations, and increase job satisfaction.  We take a holistic approach to training the team both as a group and as individuals, based on the principles that everyone has unique needs, that more can be accomplished when all individuals work as a cohesive team, that buy-in should be complete, and that training should address needs felt by the team, not just those determined by management.  We also believe that all training programs are more successful when they are followed up by an ongoing sustainment program that protects your training investment and keeps your team on the path to continued development.

Our most common training programs are listed to the right, but keep in mind: our training programs will be customized to your unique needs.  Please visit our services or contact us for more information and to put ProSolutions to work for you.